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Get a Job!

Get a Job!

Career Services in the Pandemic with guest, Andy Chau, Berklee College of Music

For students who are seeking to find experience in internships as well as permanent jobs, campus career services provide more than resume critiquing - these offices prep students to realize their potential in the job market. The pandemic has forced colleges and universities to redirect, pivot and problem solve. On this episode of Office Hours with Dr. De Veau, Guest, Andy Chau from Berklee College of Music (MA) gives us a glimpse into how he and his colleagues made the most of the challenges of the pandemic, and what they learned about career services and the needs of students and employers in the “creator age”.

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Campus enrollment numbers aren’t as rosy as was predicted by in September. With National Clearinghouse data is showing that overall enrollment is down, with state colleges, community colleges and less competitive privates getting the brunt of the downturn. And, with Colgate University, Smith College and other elites removing student loans from student financial aid packages, what will that mean for students and campus enrollment modeling? Join Dr. De Veau and the Higher Ed Think Tank on Wednesday, November 3 at 12 Noon Eastern.

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