Office Hours with Dr. De Veau

Weekly conversations with thought leaders focused on US Higher Education.

Office Hours Replay: Spilling the Commencement TeaListen now (12 min) | With Guest: Patrick Romero-Aldaz, Regis University
Financial Literacy: The Overlooked CompetencyListen now (62 min) | With Babson Financial Literacy Project team: Robin Kahn & Jennifer Bethel
NASPA: Participant PreviewListen now (64 min) | With Dr. Jason Pina, Dr. Gage Paine & Cory Davis
February Think Tank: When Leaders FalterListen now (61 min) | With Dr. Jeanna Mastrodicasa
Racially Minoritized Faculty & Tenure InequitiesListen now (62 min) | With Guests: Dr. Raquel Writght-Mair, Dr. Delma Ramos, Dr. Susan Marine & Dr. Frank Tuitt
The New NCAA ConstitutionListen now (61 min) | With Guest: Matthew Burke, Athletic Director, Fitchburg State University
January Think Tank Episode Listen now (67 min) | Michigan President Fired, USDOE Wants Campuses to Rethink Financial Holds on Transcripts & The Future of the 4 Day Work Week on…
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