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Office Hours wth Dr. De Veau
Office Hours Replay: Overturning Roe & The Impact on Campus

Office Hours Replay: Overturning Roe & The Impact on Campus

With guests: Beth Grampetro, MPH, CHES, Director of Wellness at Olin College of Engineering & Joshua Grubman, Associate General Counsel at Rhode Island School of Design

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Show Description: When Supreme Court Justice Alito’s draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked and published by POLITICO, immediate response was felt across the country. The US, a nation that once led and inspired other countries and their reproductive rights activists, was now in a freedom free fall. The abolishment of Roe will have impacts on Higher Education - ranging from access to safe abortion to students, campus politics, enrollment decisions … nothing is off the table. On this episode of Office Hours with Dr. De Veau, we are joined by Attorney and Assoc. General Council at Rhode Island School of Design Joshua Grubman and campus public health educator, and Director of Wellness Services at Olin College of Engineering, Beth Grampetro to discuss this very real and distressing turn for the nation and its impact on Higher Education.

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The Turnaway Study - groundbreaking study of the impact of access to safe abortion has had on social mobility and other aspects of child bearing persons’ lives.

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