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This is a community created and curated by Dr. Laura De Veau, Principal of Fortify Associates, LLC, and a HigherEd professional with over a generation of experience in the field. She’s committed herself to the future of the field of Higher Education administration and student affairs and services through her work as a consultant and as a faculty member.

Not a HigherEd professional? Think of yourself as a HigherEd consumer or partner? Well, “What’s Up in the Academy?” is relevant for you, too. Higher Education in the USA is a business. We spend lots of Time, Tears and Tin (that’s cash) sending ourselves and our children to college, and yet beyond the price tag how much do we know of the business side of Higher Ed? As a partner and consumer of Higher Ed - you deserve want to know about the most pressing industry news, especially if it’s going to impact the quality of your partnership and your investment.

Focusing on Trends, Topics and Tittle-Tattle (Gossipy stuff) Dr. De Veau is committed to creating content that will inform, entertain, and raise your curiosity quotient. From classrooms to athletic fields to residence halls… there’s lots to talk about.

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Dr. Laura De Veau
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